Monday, July 05, 2004 time...Saturday

Was a holiday weekend this weekend, and a busy one too. We went to Tom's brother's house for a BBQ on Saturday. It's only a few miles away but just getting out the door is a huge pain. It started at 1pm but we didn't get there until after 3 *blush*. Between Tom going to the dump (we drive our trash to a garbage truck at the town garage) and me needing to run to the store to buy food to bring to BIL's. I was told to bring either a fruit or tossed salad...not both. I listen well and brought both! And I wonder where my kids get it from. LOL Well I wanted both! What was I suppose to do? It got eaten! It was one of those times when I was appreciative of having teen drivers (that seems to be happening a lot more lately lol). I made up a list, gave Drew my debit card and sent him to the store about 10miles away.

The BBQ seemed quiet, I couldn't figure it out. Then it hit me....most of the big kids were gone! Some were in Toronto with our church doing demolition work as a fundraiser, a few were at a graduation party and a few of my kids were with friends. It's amazing when we get together to realize there are so many kids in one area...they all get along well for the most part. Counting all our kids there are 43 grandkids on Tom's side of the family. The count goes....

Oldest girl.......7 girls (21-11yo)
Oldest boy........10 kids (6 boys, 4 girls, 27-9yo)
Tom...............10 kids (6 girls, 4 boys, 20-4yo)
Younger brother...1 boy (18)
Next brother......not married
Youngest sister...14 kids (9 girls, 5 boys, 19yo-2mos)
Youngest brother..1 girl (2yo)

While driving to bil's house I hear a tiny voice speak up out of the's Eileen. She asks..."Can we go camping tomorrow?"....I respond "No honey we can't". She counters with..."Can we go today then?" ROFL!! Oh to think like a 5yo!!!

The BBQ ended at a fairly early hour. A few of the families were going to a local beach/park to see the symphony and fireworks. We left last (arrived last too), came home and started a bonfire. It was so nice out! I made popcorn (NEED to go grocery shopping!!!!) and soda. Eileen brought out her sleeping bag and pillow and promptly fell asleep on the glider. I was joking that I was going to go to sleep out there too. Olivia informed me that I couldn't because then who would carry me up to the house. When I named off people who could bring me up....her, Jake, daddy. She had a different excuse for each person...their too small, I'm too big, daddy's not strong enough). The little sweetie was so diplomatic and mentioned everything but that I'm too FAT to carry! LOL

I was planning on getting the little ones to bed and then rejoining Tom out at the fire. Unfortunately I fell asleep on the couch with Olivia. Oops! Poor Tom waited for me for a while.

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