Monday, July 26, 2004

Weekend Update

The weather and my fuzziness let up quite a bit on Friday. I spent most of it online getting things done that I had nagging at me. So all around a boring non reportable day. Tom has all next week off so this is the start of his vacation!

Saturday Tom's oldest brother (he has 10 kids...2 live out of state) stopped by about 1:30 and invited us to his house for a cookout. His son B, his wife M and her 2 kids are here from Georgia until the middle of the week. We got there about 4 or 4:30 and stayed until 7:30 or so. We originally had planned having B and his family over (and my bil's family if they wanted) for a bonfire. We'd heard that most were planning on going to the huge fireworks show up on Lake Ontario so I didn't get the house ready at all (bathrooms cleaned...floor picked up...etc). Well guess everyone would rather come over here instead of going to the fireworks so we ran home and did a HUGE quick clean. It was greatly improved but to the untrained eye it was still a bit untidy. Especially to someone like SIL who keeps an immaculate house!!! (MIL used it as a way to get a dig at me. Tom heard it and started playfully jabbing me in the ribs behind her back lol)

It was a nice time!!! SIL didn't want to leave when BIL asked her (which is unusual!) B and his family stayed later and M got BOMBED! Luckily I had taken the littler kids into the house and had fallen asleep on the couch before I could witness that. I noticed her following Tom around. Her sense of personal space with him also seemed to diminish a bit. Hilariously Tom is oblivious to these types of things. One of his brothers had to practically hit him over the head one night when a girl was trying to pick him up. He'd told her he was married with X number of kids (can't remember how many) so thought he was safe. Like that would be enough reason to back off. LOL

Sunday was spent doing laundry and working in the garden. Tom woke up with a REALLY sore shoulder. He thought maybe he fell and broke it or his collar bone. I don't think he had THAT much alcohol last night. I think he has a pinched nerve or huge knot in it. It's a case of men are big babies!!! I have to admit that Tom rarely gets really sick and he almost aways works through minor illnesses. But when he's really sick or hurting....UGH!!!! He's driving me crazy! I touched his butt and he screamed! I pointed out I didn't touch his arm and he said I made him jump which caused his arm to hurt. *rolls eyes* It's not that I don't feel bad for him...I do. I've actually had the samething happen to me a few times....especially after holding a baby all night long for a few nights. I guess it's a good thing that he's on vacation. I couldn't see him staying home from work for this though....then again I wouldn't have to listen to how much it hurts all day if he was at work. LOL

We went to the drive-in last night. Tom opted out at the last second because he couldn't get comfy with his shoulder bothering him. Pat, Michelle and Val went to the drive-in to the south of us and saw....I,Robot, Anchorman, and Dodgeball. I took Liz on down to the drive-in to the North of us. We saw...Harry Potter 3, Sleepover and Dodgeball. We stopped at Price Chopper on the way and bought more snacks then we could have eaten in a week! We put a pretty good dent into them. LOL Olivia and Eileen fell asleep during the last movie....everyone else made it through all three. We got home about 3:30am.

So here I sit...almost 1pm and have kids that have just gotten woken up. What a waste of a day. Although I've been up since 10:30 or so. I still haven't gotten my first cup of coffee or done anything. Drew and Pat are out at the temp agency looking for work. I hope they come home with a JOB!!!!!


O_Scientist said...

I am glad you started this blog, I enjoy reading about your days and about your house, which sounds even messier than mine LOL. OK, maybe only a bit messier ;-)

I am happy that the fuzziness cleared up a bit for you, hope things will continue to get better. Although, if you have the same weather we have, then today would have been a totally lousy, rainy day...


Chris said...

Well, it is now is the fuzziness now? LOL

The unrelenting rain here is making me very...ummmm...cranky would probably be the nicest word to describe it ;-)

I wish we had a good drive-in near us. It sounds like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I really enjoy your blog postings... maybe someday I will start one! ~Tammy~ (Cowmomba)