Thursday, July 01, 2004

And then there were 14....

Guess what it takes to get some work done around here is...ADD MORE KIDS! LOL My sil who has 14 kids called this morning. She had a dr appt for 2 of her little ones. The boys don't care to be dragged around to the dr or the store. So could they come over here? SURE! My boys will love it and maybe it'll motivate them to clean their room. It did :o) All the kids ran in and started helping. Of course they didn't STAY helping but it made a difference. We got over half of it done in a couple of was BAD! So half their room is spotless, the other you can't see the floor. While we were cleaning she asked if her 7yo girl could come too. Of course MY girls didn't think it was fair that only the boys were coming. So this smoothed things over for them. All were happy again :oD

My sil sent over hotdogs, chips and fruit rollups (big treat in this house). Lunch went well and all the kids have been in and out of the pool since they've been here. Now I have to figure out dinner. I had a ham in the fridge and thought today would be a good time to serve it. Unfortunately the ham had better ideas and decided to become SPOILED! So into the trash it'll go. I can't complain it was my's been in there a looong time. The use by date was June 27th. Maybe we'll have elbows with sauce and italian sausage.

We're thinking of having them spend the night. If they hadn't already seen Shrek 2 we'd be going to the drive-in tonight (and if it doesn't rain). I guess I could try to find out what's at the drive-in that's south of us. Maybe I'll clean up the popup and ship them out there for the night.

Tom just called. He's going to be a while coming home (usually gets home at 4:20). Seems J at work broke his hand when an elevator door crushed it. :o( He's still at urgent care with him waiting for a cast to be put on.

Guess I need to start getting dishes done and figure out dinner.

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Your doing great Kim.