Thursday, July 08, 2004

Playing Catch-up....

PHEW!!!! I can't believe that time is flying by! I've been pretty busy and what online time I've had has been in bits and pieces. Makes posting to my message boards hard, much less writing out the day's events here. So now that I'm sitting here with my cold coffee and only a few kids awake....I'll try to catch-up.

I'm really liking my new activeself...though I miss my online friends. It's nice to feel like you're making a difference around here (although the inside of my house hasn't really benefitted! LOL) It might even be benefitting me healthywise. I took my pressure on the machine at Walmart Tuesday night and it was 117/78!!! I haven't been that low since I don't know when! Granted that's a reading while under the influence of meds and the machine could have been calibrated wrong. Still it's NICE to see those numbers and makes getting in shape seem "easier".


I finally go the pool filter hooked up and running!!! It wasn't without it's little problems and delays but it's going and that's what's in important. Funny, I'm the one who never wanted a pool all these years because of how much work they are. (had a pool when I was growing up). Yet, here I am doing the work to get it functional. With Michelle's help on Tues I hooked up the vacuum hose from the bottom of the pool, directly to the filter. (water's still not up into the filter!) While working it hit me...I have a WIC appointment!!! I got there 45mins late, luckily I just had to pick up checks and the ladies there are super nice. I was in and out and back home in no time. All set for another 3mos!

In the afternoon I realized that the pool pump was leaking along the shaft of the impeller. UGH!!!! Another setback! Sometimes I really wish we'd just go buy stuff NEW! It would save ourselves a lot of headaches. I called Tom at work to complain about it and he asked if we could use the pump from the pool's original sand filter (we've installed bil's old earth filter). I ran downstairs after I got off the phone and TADA!!! It's exactly the same! Just a matter of replacing one for the other. After I got the other pump hooked up I went to plug it in...GRRRRR!!!...the tines on the plug are in the opposite configuration then the adapter I have (it's a special plug). Luckily we could switch the heads of the plug from the old pump to the new one. I let Pat do that. While I don't mind messing with machinery, electricity makes me VERY nervous (and yes, I know I can't get zapped from working on this...but still...what if I did something wrong?)

Liz, Eileen, Olivia and I finally got out the door to go grocery shopping at 5pm. Which meant that we were out until LATE! (almost midnight) It usually takes me 5-6hrs to go grocery shopping and as a treat we sat inside and ate at McDonalds. Val's boyfriend, J works there and on his break came out to talk. He asked if Val could go to the mall tomorrow. I'm not sure I want to be so nice...seeing as I haven't seen her since Friday morning! Even though he's a great kid I'm still on edge about allowing Val to "date"...seeing as she's only 14. It's hard to let go of my no dating until you're ready to get married ideals, even if I know the kid has decided NOT to follow along with them. :o( I left him hanging as usual (I HATE making those type of decisions!) We went to...McD's, Save a lot, The Dollartree, Sam's Club, Walmart and Price Chopper and spent too much money. I'm still not sure how much...should figure that out because I think I have to transfer money. I really shouldn't rely on our overdraft acct to back me up.

It wasn't a happy time when I came home. EVERYONE was still awake (Tom was in bed) and became totally hopped up when I came in the door. Me on the other hand while humming along I was also BEAT! I wanted to get the cold stuff put away and get online so I could see if anyone was left in the TOK Chat. I definitely didn't win the mother of the year award while trying to get that accomplished.

Finally everything was put away and I got Pat to get off the computer. Mabear/Catherine was still there and Karen came in a few minutes later. So it was nice. I hadn't chatted since Friday night and I NEEDED a chat fix! LOL

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