Sunday, July 18, 2004

A surprise visit......

Our oldest nephew (or niece) B on Tom's side drove up from Georgia to visit. He moved down there last year for a teaching job, he's working on his masters right now. I'm pretty sure he's hoping to move back up here when he becomes fully certified. They (him, his wife and 2 stepkids) drove straight through yesterday and got here this morning. They drove Tom's mom to church and decided to stop by to say HI on the way home. It was a nice surprise!!! His younger brother M (nephew #2) will be home from California on the 26th with his wife and stepson. I think we'll all be getting together after everyone's home. I hope so at least.

I ran into the city and picked up Liz, Carrie and Eileen. I found out my sister gave Eileen a singing dog backpack for her birthday. I asked my nieces if they'd mind if I beat their mom up now or did they want me to wait. LOL My niece J wanted to come back home with us again. She had the perfect plan. My sister's 3 kids could come out and stay at our house on weekdays (my sister works) and they (sisters girls and 3 of mine) could stay at my sister's house on the weekend. My sister suggested that we send them to my house forever and I come and stay at my sister's house while they're here. LOL She's one of those...I don't know how you do it type of people. It's gotten old and I really don't know how to respond to that anymore.

I haven't gotten any extra projects done. I hope I haven't lost the gumption to do them. I hate how flighty I can be about those types of things. I'm always worried it'll happen with this blog. Going like gangbusters everyday and then PFFFT! nothing anymore. I did vacuum the pool this morning, but it didn't REALLY need it. Not much more to do on it. I have the wood from the picnic table and wooden pool gate yelling at me to polyurethane (sp) them. It's a little hard seeing as we have had rainshowers everyday (or almost everyday). I have been working in the garden weeding and dreaming of when all the newborn veggies and flowers will be pickable. I'm DYING for a tomato sandwich!!! I have some decent size green ones...they're just starting to look like a blush is setting in. So hopefully I'll be bragging how yummy they are soon.

Tom's been on call this weekend...which was a bummer as I really wanted us to do something this weekend. I guess it can wait until next weekend. (yeah right) He's been having to go into work at least once a day/night. It's a good thing figuring he's getting paid overtime, but I'd rather have him home. Then again, I'd rather not have him to go work period! Where'd I plant that money tree???

So now we're back just our 10 kids. Let's see how long that lasts. I'm sounding like a broken record around here lately....Drew and Pat....go fill out some applications. Drew and Pat...go find a job. Drew and Pat...did you call so and so about a job? UGH!!! Hopefully Monday morning will be their lucky day. They have to finish up some paperwork at the community college too. Will be nice to get that task out of the way!!! I always thought once they turned 18 and were out of highschool...the mothering load would lighten up....yeah ok! It's actually been added to it, figuring they're adding people into my mothering realm (fiance and girlfriend). I guess it'll really get heavier what with spouses and grandchildren coming up in the future.

Now that they're all here, I wonder if I can stuff them into bed at a decent time! LOL

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