Saturday, July 03, 2004

I just can't let it go....

I left chat and was going to go to bed when my blog kept popping into my head. So here I am, quieting that little voice in my head!

There's not really too much to talk about. We had a leisurely, non-eventful day. The kids all got along well although Eileen felt left out at times when Carrie and Margaret were playing. Carrie bugged me most of the morning to go to the One Stop...convenience store about 5miles away. She had some money burning a hole in her pocket. Yep, I said had, so she eventually got her way. Although she didn't spend it all, she spent a good chunk. I've been trying to convince her to save her money for something that will last longer then 5mins...but she wants snacks. It's not like we don't normally have them...although our cupboard has been bare the last few days. So I took the girls with me and we picked out some yummy chips and overpriced candy to share with the kids at home.

All day the kids went in and out of the pool. I noticed that my sil's kids have a habit or have been taught (not sure which yet) that they don't sit around in their bathing suit(they have a pool too). So after getting out and drying off they'd immediately change. I just don't get why you'd expend that energy when it's perfectly fine sitting around in your swim trunks/suit all day. I'd say I'm just not up on how it is with a pool, but my parents have had a pool since I was 11 yrs old and we always just wore our suits all day...unless we were leaving the yard.

Today I didn't really do much work...partially loaded the dishwasher, did a load of towels and threw in a load of darks (still in the washer and now need to be rewashed...oops!). I spent most of the day sitting out under our new screenhouse (have to wait to get a pic in the morning to show), reading my book....only 50 pages or so to go!!!

The kids were returned to their proper families after dinner. My kids spent the rest of the evening watching DVDs. I helped Tom put up a wall infront of his patio, picked the radishes, and weeded the green peppers. I also took a few pics of some plants...especially a weird looking heirloom tomato plant I got from Karen while visiting her. I actually have quite a few garden plants thanks to her. :o) Can't forget to share my first flower out of my new front garden!!! A bachelor's button...

I have my 6 younger ones camped out on the livingroom floor for the night (how can that possibly be comfortable?!?!?) I hope they sleep well, seeing as we'll be going over to Tom's older brother's house for a BBQ in the afternoon. I unfortunately have to run to the store in the morning. I was pegged to bring Fruit or Tossed salad. I don't have any fixings for either of them! I NEED to go grocery shopping!!! Hope Sunday's ad is a good one.

Here's my robust and weird looking tomato plant from Karen...

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