Friday, July 23, 2004

Hot and Hazy with a touch of Fuzziness....

Today was a very weird day. I'm not so sure if it was the weather or me shutting down for the day. I'm hoping it was the weather. I really don't want to start into a spiral of shutting down on a regular basis. Not after having been so active around here lately. I also have no reason to start shutting down.

It was hot and humid here today. I don't feel I really have the right to complain about it because it's not like down south where this would be a cool day. I guess me complaining about the heat and humidity in Central NY is like Georgia shutting down when they get a dusting of snow on the ground. While our kids still have school after 6 inches of snow on the ground and it still falling heavily. I'm not prepared to handle the heat....they're not prepared to handle the snow. I could have gone in the pool I guess but I was too wiped out to get out of my chair. Yep, it's what I did most of the day....sat in my computer chair.

What got me worried about today is how I felt. I was swollen (not uncommon for me and my high blood pressure) and my brain felt fuzzy. I went to take Carrie to her "class" was the library. I started going to had to go in a circle to get to the library. I went to pick her up...I drove PAST the library. Liz yelled from the back seat...where are you going mommy?!? Oops! Guess I better turn around. I kept trying to go to my message boards and write responses to people but it wasn't coming. So even though I was in front of my computer I didn't really get anything done! I didn't even really want to come here and write. I guess I must have REALLY felt it because K and Ja's mom came to pick up Michelle and Ja tonight. She looked at me and said...been a rough day? You look a little dazed. I just said yeah, I guess it was.

I did almost NOTHING around here all day. OK...I did a few dishes twice and fixed dinner (which took all of 15mins) but that's about it. The kids bugged me nonstop until I finally relented and took them in the pool at 8pm. (they were in with the older kids earlier...just that none of them were home tonight and they wanted MOM to come in with them). It was nice while I was in there. We had to get out because the mosquitoes were covering whatever was sticking out from above the water. It made me wonder how anyone could survive in a swamp/marshland overnight. I was imagining myself floating in the water all night with what little of my face stuck out of the water being covered in mosquito bites. :o(

I guess some would probably wonder how a Tons of Kids family functions with a mom doing what I did today.....let's just say it's not a pretty sight. My house is a MESS, my kids finished off the lunchmeat and ate mostly snacks all day, they were clingy (which compounded my problem!) and were out of sorts themselves. I've dug myself a little hole that I now have to try to get out of tomorrow. To make it even better....Tom let me know that we will probably be hosting a bonfire on Saturday I have my work cut out for me. UGH!!! I do NOT want to do this this weekend!

I made my roast beef and gravy over mashed potatoes I've been wanting for a couple days. There weren't many people here....6 youngest ones, Michelle, Ja and myself but we barely had enough for us. I guess I'll have to at least double it next time. It was 4cups of gravy, 1lb of deli rare roast beast and a whole box of potato buds instant potatoes. I only got a few scraps of meat in my bowl and barely wet my potatoes with gravy. Luckily some of the little ones didn't really feel like eating so I ate their leftovers. I'm sitting here hankering for something to eat again. Chicken wings or chinese sounds good! :o) I'd love a candy bar which is weird too as I usually prefer fruit flavored things like Starbursts. Hmmm....maybe I need to take a trip to the gas mart in the next town over. I'm not so sure it warrants a 30mile round trip though.

Had to take a break and jump in the pool for a late night (or is that early morning) swim. Mosquitos weren't out as bad as they were at dusk but we got our fair share of bites. LOL When we came in Olivia woke back up again...she's now laughing at the lightning bug on our ceiling. GO BACK TO SLEEP ALREADY!!!

OK...if I wanted to share anything else I've forgotten it. I think Olivia's asleep so I'm heading into bed too. Let's hope tomorrow is a LOT different then today. At least the heat and humidity is suppose to let up for a while. Maybe I can get something done around here then. REALLY! I mean it!

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Chris said...

I think we all need down days once in awhile, cut yourself some slack :-) Nothing is on fire, No one is bleeding, the house is still standing...consider the day a success.

Oh, and my kids still love the blue bus.