Saturday, July 10, 2004

And it continues.... Friday night

Well dinner ended up being the rest of the bay scallops we had in the freezer. A few months ago Price Chopper had cooked shrimp and bay scallops for $2.99/lb. I made the best of the lowest prices I've seen on these and bought 20lbs each. I had to be ESCORTED to the front of the store with the boxes of seafood because I had over $100 worth of it. We finished the cooked shrimp on Tuesday, bay scallops today. Only the 6 youngest, Tom and I were eating but the 6+lbs I cooked wasn't enough!!!

I've discovered something wrong with my tranquil rest stop by the well, waiting for MIL's pump to stop running so I can turn it off. As soon as I sit down on the well I realize....I HAVE TO PEE!!!! and I mean NOW!!! I usually have a bladder of steel but not under these conditions. LOL I ran the pump for at least 8 cycles and the water level rose over 3ft, plus I did about 6 loads of laundry. It's a start. Tomorrow morning I'll run MIL's well into the pool and finish filling it.

The pool....It's killing me that I'm out of shock and will be falling behind in the race to get the pool clean. I was JUST getting ahead of the game too. I'll have to run to Wal-Mart tomorrow...have to get ingredients for the fruit salad and pasta salad for Sunday's cookout anyways.

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