Thursday, July 01, 2004

The rest of the story....

My sil and I switched some kids. I lost Luke and Liz and gained Sam(8) and Margaret(7). They're in their rooms now. No bugging needed....maybe I should have overnight guests every night. LOL

It ended up being a fairly productive day here. We 2/3 of the boy's room/playroom cleaned. Both bathrooms are cleaned and 1 huge load of dishes (although there's at least one more waiting for me in the sink). I've also been in and out of the house watching them in the pool. Washing machine is going as we speak.

While I was loading the dishwasher the kids ran in to tell me that there were fire engines down the street. I decided to take a walk (actually got bugged about it until I agreed to it) to see what was up. Figured if there was a fire I could be neighborly and see if there was anything I could do. (even though the occupants of the house haven't been very neighborly to me) By the time we got there (it's about 1/4mile away) the firetrucks were pulling away. So I'm assuming things were ok.

As we were walking home we passed our closest neighbor, they happened to be standing on their porch and we started a conversation. TWO hours later I had to excuse myself because my sil was here to pick up the kids she was bringing home. Tom talked to them for another half hour. It's good to make contact with your neighbor I guess. We've only spoken a few times...but it's obvious they've been paying attention to what goes on around here. Luckily they seem to be ok with all my kids. When they first moved out here that wasn't the case...thanks to some gossipy friends of theirs (actually it was the neighbors with the fire engines and the info was WRONG!). It helps that our houses aren't REALLY close too. LOL

Pat went to Buttermilk Falls with his girlfriend, Jess and her mom. He came home with a ticket!!! Seems they went off the trail and were swimming in a plunge pool when a park ranger came upon them. Jess's mom said it was her fault they were where they were so she's taking care of it. :o)

I finally got dinner done at 9pm and fed the masses. We had chicken tacos, italian sausage sandwiches and Doritos. We were suppose to have canned corn too but Pat didn't finish opening the cans before it was time to eat. Guess I gave him a job that he couldn't handle...WIMP!!

I THINK I'm going to try and clean out the fridge before I go to bed. Then again, maybe I'll just curl up with my book and fall asleep on the couch. LOL I don't think I'll get to the grocery store tomorrow anyways. I forgot that Olivia has a dr's appt to recheck her ear from her earache 2 wks ago. Luckily they called to confirm the appt today. So I probably have another day to get to the fridge.

Well Pat wants to use the phone line (Drew's being a jerk about the regular one) so I'll say Good Night!

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