Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Poor Michelle...

Michelle's ear has bothered her for a few days. I was pretty sure she had swimmer's ear. It wasn't gross so I'd been letting it go. She was been bugging me to DO SOMETHING about it already!!! I called the dr hoping they'd just call in a script to the pharmacy up the road. No go, it seems Michelle hasn't been seen in their office in over 3 yrs. OOPS! I can't help that she's my healthiest kid. She's had a physical every summer at school for sports so need to go to his office for that. So in we went. The examination only took a few minutes then we were out the door with a script in hand.

Onto Wal-Mart. I'm really getting to HATE this store!! I only needed to pick up Michelle's medicine and maybe a few snacks, fruit and veggies. NOTHING ELSE!!!! While standing in line I kept thinking of Chris and how she's nicknamed WM the $100 store. I WISH it was only the $100 store!!! I spent almost $200 tonight!!! I almost started crying while I signed for the purchase. I bought a lot of stuff but how could it add up to that? There must be a mistake...but I've looked it over a few times and it's perfect. :o( I did get a lot of great deals though...mostly bathingsuits. I'd have felt better about spending this money if I'd come home with a week's worth of food. But I don't even have that! Although there are lots of yummy snacks! LOL While unloading the trunk of the car I thought....it was too easy to unload for that amount of money! Where are all the bags!?!?!?!?! UGH!!!

So much for getting the kids to bed at a decent time. It was after 8:30pm when we got home and I still had to feed the masses. Tom threw hotdogs on the grill. I micro'ed a couple of clearance premade things I bought and we had a buffet. The kids put on their new suits and jumped in the pool. I sat here and tried to catchup with my online stuff. After everyone fought over the Sega game at least once each I had had enough and sent them all up to bed.

Carrie came down about midnight to ask if tomorrow was Tuesday. I then realized that she had to be at school by 9am in the morning!! I'm not even sure she has anything clean to wear. Think her teacher would mind if she wore her new bikini in? It's clean! While chatting with Chris online I heard a snicker behind me. Turned around and found Carrie snuggled under her blanket on the couch...watching TV! HOW did she do manage that!?!?! She had to have walked right by me to get to the couch. I told her it was 1am and to GO TO SLEEP! She was out cold in 5 mins...if only it was that easy EVERYNIGHT!

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