Sunday, July 11, 2004

I talk about it enough....

So I decided to take a pic and show it off. Here's our pool...

It's gotten cloudier again. I sent Drew to the store for some things and made sure he picked up another box of shock. It's gotten the super shock treatment tonight. We'll see if we can see the bottom in the morning again. The kids enjoyed it whether it was crystal clear or not. As long as it doesn't grab them and pull them to the bottom they're fine with being in it. ;o)

I woke up before everyone this morning, and I was raring to go. While I was in the bathroom I cleaned it. Then I headed out the backdoor to the pool. I wasn't entirely too sure what I was doing out there....even if I tested the water I couldn't treat it. I climbed up on the deck and noticed that it was getting cloudier. You couldn't see past the 2nd step now. :o( Here we go again! I hope this ends soon....I'm running out of patience and money. Maybe I'll run to the pool store in the morning and see what they say. (if there's no clearing from the super shocking I gave it tonight)

I worked on our newest project. Tom brought home a junkpicked picnic table. The legs were fine but the top was rotting and falling apart. I thought the benches were fine but Tom's decided that we'll replace them too. So he bought wood yesterday after work. This morning we realized we were 2 boards short. So between the need for the wood and shock for the pool and my need for some fruit and veggies for tomorrow....we sent Drew off to Wal-Mart and Lowes. While they were gone I got busy and sanded the surfaces and rounded the edges with our palm sander. It took me at least 3 hrs to do it. This evening I stained them a honey oak color. They look great! I'll take a picture of the original table in the morning. I know the difference will be unbelieveable!

Unfortunately while I was busy working away my farmer's tan was getting even darker (actually redder). My kids are always picking on me because my hands and forearms are as dark as they've ever been. My shoulders are still a pastey white. I'd say I need to start wearing tank tops outside....but it doesn't bother me! LOL

The kids were begging me to come in the pool tonight so after I was done and cleaned up I changed into my suit and jumped into the pool! MY first time!!! Woohooo! While washing the stain off my hands I noticed the water spurting and spitting like the well was about to run dry. I ran outside and checked the well...THE BUCKET IS SHOWING!!! (upside down bucket that got dropped in a long time ago...when the bottom of it is showing...we're almost out of water. HOW could that happen??? There was a LOT of water in there last night. The only thing that we used water for was 2 loads of laundry (frontloader so super water efficient) and a few showers. RATS! That means that we have to stop filling the pool and concentrate on the well AGAIN! It's gonna be a looong summer if it keeps up like this. So much for my great water supply plan.

We had the ribs tonight. I threw them in the slow cooker and they cooked all day. I couldn't make salt potatoes because of the lack of water, so we had canned green beans instead....NOT a good substitute!

After dinner we had a bonfire. The kids enjoyed roasting (burning) marshmellows and cooking polish sausage on sticks. Luke did get to be quite the marshmellow chef and toasted them to a golden brown. We had a few marshmellow butts out there. Seems someone dropped a warm marshmellow on a seat and left it there. Olivia and Luke both sat on it. I washed it off with a papertowel dampened with a bit of my beer. Good to know beer is good for something else besides quenching my thirst during a hot summer day. We sang tons of songs...lots of silly ones and the kids asked me about some of my dreams. I told them about a few of them....falling and having to crawl away from dinosaurs, finding coins whereever I look, knowing what bad things will happen but no one will listen to me!, having a house that keeps changing...adding rooms/wings, typical school dreams...lost schedule, forgotten locker combination, lost rooms and having a baby on the library table. By this time Eileen was dozing in my lap and Olivia in Drew's so we came in for the night.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. It's Tom's birthday and my uncle is up from Tennessee with my cousins who are Drew's and Michelle's ages. We're having a cookout at my parents' house. I know Tom would rather stay home and work on things. But it won't kill him to leave it for a day either. I forgot to have Drew buy a cake while at Wal-Mart (my oven doesn't work). Maybe I'll run out first thing in the morning, or stop on the way into the city.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I just have to say, a "typical school dream" is having a baby on the library table????? I have to confess, I've had lots of weird dreams, but NEVER that one! LOLOLOL Guess that's because I wasn't in the TOK mindset back when I was in school....