Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Rise and shine sleepy head!

I woke up at 5:45 this morning without Tom in bed....hope he's on the couch. I'll check in half an hour when I have to get him up for work. I fell asleep and started dreaming about the pool of all things (I can't get away from it!!!) Woke with a start an HOUR later...If Tom didn't get up himself then he's late to work!!! Ran out in the livingroom to find him snoring away on the couch. Woke him and informed him that he was late...he decided to take some time off (one of the perks of having a county job). I'm not sure if it's a few hours this morning or all day. I've tried to get the info out of him but all I've heard are mumbles so far.

Decided while I was up I'd run the pump (one more time and I think the pool will be filled!!!!), test the pool water (no chlorine reading yet), and vacuum it. The water looked a TINY bit cloudy but it could have been the early morning lighting and the whiteish "dirt" on the bottom of the pool that was there before I vacuumed...but is now gone. So the pool is ready for the kids, including clean and dry towels and suits I washed last night. All they need to do is wake up, eat breakfast and clean up quickly around here.

While writing about Monday I lost track of time. Looked up and realized it was 8:45am....Carrie was suppose to be at school for a "Summer Fun Club" at 9 and she was still sleeping....OOPS!!!! So I then had to run like a chicken with my head cut off to get her up, dressed and out the door....we were late. :o( I hate that I feel like I do but Carrie's teacher is one of those people who while being nice to you makes you feel like she sees the true you (in her opinion). I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right or not. Anyways...I have to remember to pick her up at 11 now. Hope I don't forget LOL.

Pat was up and showering when I left for school. He's suppose to be at the community college at 9:30 to take his placement tests and register for classes. He needed to get a few dollars (he's down to a bunch of checks (graduation presents)...that he needs to cash)and a form from me but he was gone by the time I got back...hope he's ok. OH well, he has his tracfone he bought with his graduation money. He can call if he runs out of gas. Oh rats! I just realized I forgot to buy Thank You cards for him yesterday!

Well kids are starting to stir and I've already heard an "I'm Hungry" at least once. Time to make the masses some breakfast. Let the day begin!!!!

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