Friday, July 09, 2004

Something Good this way comes....

Something hit me today, why can't I be more obsessed about the condition of my house? It would make everyone happier! I think I did a pretty good job of taking care of it today.

First I had to deal with my main obsession....the POOL! Went out this morning and saw that we could see the bottom of the pool!!! That hasn't happened in a long time. Late last night I hooked up the skimmer to the filter like it's suppose to be. The water level is about 1/4 inch over the bottom edge of the skimmer. Just enough to create a suction for the vacuum attachment. So I vacuumed the pool this morning. It's always been one of my favorite pool related jobs...both as a kid and as an adult.

The chlorine got eaten up again as soon as daylight hit again. I'm not sure what's up with that...the water is a chilly 74 degrees it's not that. It was cloudy and actually black out not sunlight. The PH level is just about perfect so not that. And no one was in the pool swimming so it wasn't bathers. I'll have to look online some more for reasons.

After the levels of the pool disappeared I let the kids go swimming. Almost got in there myself but decided to get some work done instead. (I haven't been in the thing yet!) I went down in the basement where the defrosting freezer had leaked onto a pile of dirty clothes and sorted them. Threw in a load of laundry. Then my folding table looked like it needed attention. So I folded all the clothes that had been thrown on's all cleared now! Around everyone's baskets there were clean clothes on the floor that had been stepped on and were starting to smell musty (from the basement). I HATE when people knock things out of their baskets while looking for clothes. So I cleaned up the floor and sort those clothes...not too bad...only 2 loads.

I've devised a system now where I can keep adding water to our well and get the laundry done at the same time. It's always a problem for me to remember to turn my MIL's water pump on every hour or half an hour...letting it run for about 10mins tops and unplugging it. So now I fold the clothes in the dryer, put them in the appropriate baskets, switch laundry and throw in more. On the way back upstairs I plug in MIL's pump and head out the front door. Go out, take the cover off our well, sit on the well and watch the water falling from MIL's pipe into our well. There's something relaxing about falling water...makes for a nice rest period. After the well has run it's cycle I go in the house, down the stairs and unplug MIL's well. So far so good. I've ran it for at least 4 cycles. I still have a lot to go though if I want to get ahead of the water demand and keep up with all the laundry I have to do!

After working in the basement I came upstairs and started the dishes...the discovered we're out of dish detergent. (forgot that and jelly when I went grocery shopping) It's ok, I can still load the dishwasher. I was proud that I was making a dent in things. I turned on the dishwasher only to find out that the dishwasher isn't draining....UGH!!! I'll have to fix it tonight. My back was getting sore, Tom pulled in the driveway and I needed to sit down for a few minutes.

I TRIED to sneak a candy bar while sitting in the backyard but Eileen found me. When she walked out the door I hid it under my leg. As she climbed in my lap she asked...Why does your breath smell like candy bar?? SNOT!!! I shared it with her then promptly walked in and passed out a candy bar to everyone LOL I could just hear them as soon as Eileen went in the house...I want a candy bar too!!!!

I guess the other thing I should be thinking about doing is FIXING SOME FOOD!!! I'm sure everyone is just as hungry as I am. I'm tempted to try and fix something fast but I know the packages of various clearance ribs need attention. Maybe I'll slow cook them in the roaster tonight for tomorrow's dinner. That'll let me off the hook again tonight. LOL

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